Board Members

Our Board of Directors consists of three to nine elected members. In addition, there is a separate Board of Directors for the lake properties. The Homeowners Association is a self-managed not-for-profit organization. Various committees and volunteers help to make Saddlebrook a desirable place to call home.

Saddlebrook Main Board
  • President:  Zach Huth, email:
  • Vice President: Julia Sama  email:
  • Treasurer: John Holmes, email:
  • Secretary: Tim Tufte, email:
Board Members:
  • Social Committee: Tina Eborsol
  • Landscaping & Architecture: Christopher Kidney email:
  • Welcoming: Tim Tufte email:
  • At Large Members: Bill Coughlin, Megan Akatu
Saddlebrook Lake Homeowners Association Board:
  • President – Joe Turns, 574-277-5819  email:
  • Vice President – Open
  • Treasurer – Michael Pfarrer, 269-252-8140 email:
  • Secretary – Nelson O’Rear, 574-273-2597  email:
  • At Large Members: Gene Fewell